About Us

The ''iPlus'' store, which was established in 2017 at Sayat Nova 4/1, presents original products of leading brands of digital technology, providing a 1-year official warranty. Based on the Armenian market, we came up with a new approach, as a result of which we created a large team of loyal customers who always use our flexible discount system, buying digital devices and receiving gifts. The store conducts a flexible price policy, and the specialized staff helps the customer to make the right choice with an individual approach.
''iPlus'' offers:

  • Sale of smartphones, tablets, computers, speakers, accessories
  • Exchange old for new, Trade In
  • On-site sales on credit

Trade In is a great way to trade in your old phone for a new one. We evaluate your phone, you choose the new version and pay the difference. By the way, you can make the difference by credit as well. Installment sales are made on the spot, within minutes, with the best terms, and the down payment is 0%. The DEBT ON SPOT system enables customers to purchase the preferred digital device and pay within 6-36 months.
The store cooperates with leading banks.

1. Evoca Bank
2: Converse Bank
3. Ameria Bank
4: Armenian Bank
5. VTB Armenia Bank
6: Akba Bank
7: Ineco Bank
8: Uni Bank

There is also a service center in the store hall. The service center is equipped with modern repair equipment, which proves that they solve problems of any complexity here. It should also be noted that free diagnostics are available. The repair is carried out in a short period of time, and a guarantee is also provided for the work performed. Here, the best specialists carry out repairs of mobile phones, laptops, watches, tablets and game accessories:
They offer.

  • Repairing
  • Programming
  • Data Storage and Decoding
  • Windshield repair
  • Elimination of water corrosion.

 Come to iPlus store, where you will be greeted by friendly staff, and we guarantee a pleasant atmosphere.
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